Foxcroft Academy standout Hunter Smith will miss the upcoming Lobster Bowl this weekend after contracting mononucleosis last month.

Smith, who missed his senior year with the Ponies after a hip injury that he sustained in the pre-season, said he feels alright physically, but didn’t want to risk further injury in the exhibition.

“The symptoms swell your spleen and your liver.  For the next four weeks I’m going to have a swollen spleen and liver, so that makes it so I can have any impact within sports.  I could potentially rupture it and cause internal bleeding and stuff, so [coaches] said I couldn’t play,” said Smith during Lobster Bowl media day.

Bob Chen

The former FA wide receiver will be heading to the University of Maine in the fall to play for first year Head Coach Joe Harasymiak for the Black Bears.  Smith has assumed a coaching role for the North side team and has embraced that position in the interim.

“My senior year I was sidelined with a hip injury, so I’m kind of used to it.  I’m trying to help my coach, trying to be a player-coach as well. I was talking to [Coach Danny White] and we’re going to run a lot our offense that we ran at {Foxcroft Academy], so I’m helping the quarterbacks and wide receivers with the offense that they have to learn this week.  I’m giving them some tips and tricks, trying to be a coach on the sidelines,” said Smith

The 2016 Lobster Bowl will be this Saturday after both the North and South sides practice in Dover-Foxcroft this week to prepare for the contest.