Our tour around the world of sports and the news of the day is covered by Wayne, Bryan, and Jeff.

The New England Patriots are in very unfamiliar territory when it comes to betting lines this weekend for their game at Kansas City this Sunday in week 4 of the NFL.

We have those details, and word about an injury to a Patriot lineman and we recap the Thursday Night Football game between the Broncos and the Jets.

The Philadelphia 76ers are going to check in with the Doc to see if he can fix what ails them and lead them to a title, we have those details.

Wild Card Round - Cincinnati Reds v Atlanta Braves - Game Two
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And there were some playoff series wins that happened last night that were a long time coming.

In college sports there is another cancellation of a planned football games, and there is a change to the schedule for one basketball league.

We have all of those details on The Morning Line which is your way to start the day off the right way.


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