For three decades, Adam Sandler has been entertaining the masses both on the small screen and big screen. After growing up in Manchester, New Hampshire, Adam got his big break in the early 1990s as a writer and cast member of Saturday Night Live.

Popular Adam Sandler Movies

Both during and after his time on SNL in the '90s, Adam starred in some of the movies that his career would be best associated with, including Billy Madison, Happy Gilmore, Big Daddy, The Wedding Singer, and, of course, The Waterboy.

Getty Images / Adam Sandler via Instagram
Getty Images / Adam Sandler via Instagram

The Waterboy Movie

In The Waterboy, Adam stars as Bobby Boucher, a man that is super passionate about water and eventually becomes a college student who joins the school's football team, becoming a standout player.

The coach of the team, referred to as Mr. Coach Klein by Adam's character, is played by generational actor Henry Winkler. The two have intertwining storylines throughout the movie, with Coach Klein fabricating some test scores (without Bobby's knowledge) to allow Bobby to join the team.

Adam Sandler
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Henry Winkler's New Memoir

On October 31, 2023, Henry Winkler, who may best be known as his Happy Days character Arthur Fonzarelli -- AKA "Fonzie" or "The Fonz" -- has a brand new memoir coming out called Being Henry: The Fonz...and Beyond.

To help celebrate and also bring awareness to the new book dropping, Adam recently took to his Instagram page to channel his old character of Bobby Boucher, complete with Bobby's speech pattern and conversations with his "Mama" (who isn't shown in the Instagram video, but was played in The Waterboy by Kathy Bates.)

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