The first member of the championship Boston Red Sox bullpen is leaving town. Joe Kelly is ready to accept a multi-year deal to pitch for the Los Angeles Dodgers. Now the question is what about Craig Kimbrel.

Multiple reporters at the MLB Winter Meetings say Kelly will sign a 3-year, $25-million-dollars with the Dodgers, pending the physical exam.

Kelly is from Southern California so it is a move back home. He is now 30-years-old and LA wants him to be the 8th inning guy to setup for closer Kenley Jansen.

He becomes one of the first in a long list of relievers who are free agents and waiting to sign with someone.

Kelly pitched against the Dodgers in all five World Series games, pitching six scoreless innings with 10 strikeouts.

Meanwhile, Sox president Dave Dombrowski is tryng to make all the pieces fit within his payroll...

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