We have spent the last 6+ months asking every way possible "what do you want the Patriots to do with the No. 3 pick in the NFL Draft?" Well, tonight at long last we finally find out just what they do.

It's been a looooong build up to this point, a date we first turned our attention to last fall when it became evident the Patriots would find themselves near the top of the draft board.

Over the six months or however long it's been since we began yammering on the subject, really not all that much has changed. It's still the same three names at the top of the board. It appears New England's options are Drake Maye or anything else, and that only Caleb Williams and Jayden Daniels will not factor into the decision tonight.

When 8:20pm ET rolls around and the Pats are on the clock for real, what are you rooting to hear announced next?

Speaking of questions that keep getting asked...the Bruins goalie rotation, now there's a fresh topic!

But, as long as Swayman keeps turning in top quality performances like he did in Game 1 and again last night (and every time he's played the Maple Leafs for the last two years), I will continue to make the claim that he should be stuck with.

Swayman has stonewalled the Leafs on 63-of-66 attempts in his two wins this series and is 6-0-0 with a 1.31 GAA and a .959 save percentage, with four 30-save games, since the start of 2023 vs. Toronto.

And though we've already asked it a dozen or so times since the series began, where's the harm in checking once more?


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