After a long holiday weekend let The Morning Line catch you up on all you need to know to start your day, and week, the right way.

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We cover the details about the potential for the Washington Redskins and Cleveland Indians to change the names of their teams.

But a couple of teams, the Atlanta Braves and Edmonton Eskimos are sticking with what they have, for now.

The NFL Players Association made a vote regarding games being played this season, the NFL has no obligation to honor it, but the NFLPA still were unanimous in their opinion.

The CFL is working on a plan to bring football back to Canada, we'll tell you what they are considering.

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Boston Celtics forward Gordon Hayward has made plans for the NBA's second season and he knows at some point he will be leaving the team and the NBA bubble, we'll let you know why.

The Basketball Tournament is underway in Ohio, and one player who joined The Morning Line last week pushed is team in to the round of 16 at the end of the game, those details are in our Headlines and Highlights.

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Bryson DeChambeau had a huge final round on the PGA Tour Sunday, but was it enough to push him to the title?

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The Boston Red Sox are revamping Fenway Park to help with social distancing, we'll let you know what is being done, and who tested positive for COVID-19 this week for the Sox.

And of course we update you on the latest happenings in baseball in Asia, including how fans could be in attendance in Japan, and a walk off finish is South Korea.

Catch it all here, and find out all that is going on in the world of sports with The Morning Line's Headlines and Highlights.