For the first time in our prop bets we opened up the line for callers to compete to win an Uno's Gift Card.

This week it is Gary from Shirley against Kenny from Ellsworth.

Which ever has the best record will win, if they tie we will go to the tie breaker, using Price Is Right Rules (Closest without going over)

And Bryan Stackpole also weighed in on the options and you are competing against Stack in our season long contest.

Prop Bets == 1/31/2020

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1 – Which will be higher? The number of receptions for George Kittle in the Super Bowl or the number of birdies in the final round for the winner of Phoenix Open on the PGA Tour?

Kittle Receptions - Gary Birdies - Kenny & Bryan

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2 – Which will be higher? Number of touchdowns for Patrick Mahomes in the Super Bowl, or the number of sets played in the men’s Australian Open final?

Mahomes TD’s - Gary Aussie Open Sets - Kenny & Bryan

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3 – Which will be higher? The jersey number of the player to score the first touchdown in the Super Bowl or points scored by James Harden Sunday against New Orleans?

Jersey Number - Gary Harden Points - Kenny & Bryan

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4 – Which will be higher? The length of the 1st offensive play from scrimmage in the Super Bowl or the combined number of goals scored between Columbus and Montreal Sunday?

1st offensive play - Gary NHL Goals Scored – Kenny & Bryan

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5 – Which will be higher? The highest number of penalty yards for either team in the Super Bowl or points scored by Green Bay Phoenix Men’s basketball team?

Penalty Yards - Kenny Green Bay Points – Gary & Bryan

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Tie Breaker – How many points will Mac McClung of Georgetown score Sunday afternoon against St. John’s? (closest without going over)
Kenny 21 points - Gary 18 points - Bryan 1 point