In this crazy sports time our Prop Bets are reduced to the Taiwan Super Basketball League, and then Bryan Stackpole added in a quartet of WrestleMania questions also.

David from Milford is competing against Ken from Ellsworth this week for the UNO's gift card.

How will you fare?

Prop Bets == 4/3/2020

Wayne's Questions about the Taiwan Super Basketball League -

1 – Which is higher Kentrell Barkley’s points for Taiwan Beer against Bank of Taiwan Saturday or rebounds for Sim Bhullar of Yulon Luxgen Saturday against Pauian?

Barkley’s Points – Bhullar’s Rebounds –
Stack & David Ken

2 – Who scores more points for Pauian against Yulon Luxgen Saturday? Charles Garcia or Edvinas Seskus?

Charles Garcia – Edvinas Seskus –
Ken Bryan & David

3 – Which will be higher the points scored by Marcus Keene of Yulon Luxgen Saturday or the number of three pointers attempted by Bank of Taiwan against Taiwan Beer?

Marcus Keene Points – Bank of Taiwan Attempted 3’s –
Bryan Ken & David

4 – Who scores more points for Bank of Taiwan Saturday against Taiwan Beer? Charles Mitchell or Matt Jones?

Charles Mitchell - Matt Jones -
Ken Stack & David

Tie Breaker – Of the four teams playing Saturday, Bank of Taiwan vs. Taiwan Beer and Pauian vs. Yulon Luxgen, which scores the most points and how many?
Ken - Bank of Taiwan with 68 points
David - Yulon Luxgen with 83 points

Bryan's questions about WrestleMania -

5 - Will Donald Trump tweet about Wrestlemania this weekend by 11:59 p.m. Sunday?

Wayne, David, & Ken

6 - Who wins the Boneyard match between the Undertaker and AJ Styles?

Wayne & David Ken

Will there be 3 or more 24/7 title changes during the Wrestlemania telecast on Saturday and Sunday (only televised changes during the PPV counts)?

Ken Wayne & David

Will Rob Gronkowski interfere in any of the matches during Wrestlemania 36?

Wayne, David & Ken

TIEBREAKER: How many title changes will there be overall (excluding 24/7 title) – 9 maybe 10 title matches scheduled?

David - 2
Wayne - 3
Ken - 4

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