With some sports returning in the US this weekend, we hit UFC and NASCAR, then we go worldwide in our prop bets too. How do your picks compare to Bryan Stackpole?

Prop Bets == 5/15/2020

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1 – Which is higher at UFC Fight Night Saturday? Number of fights that end by stoppage (KO/TKO/Tapout etc) or Number of fights that go to the judges decision?
Stoppages – Decisions –
Bryan’s pick

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2 – Which is higher Sunday? The number of the winning car in the NASCAR event in South Carolina or number of runs scored by the Chinatrust Brothers against the Uni Lions in the CPBL Sunday?
NASCAR Winning Number – Chinatrust Brothers Runs –
Bryan’s Pick

Sascha Steinbach

3 – Which is higher Saturday? The goals scored by the winning team in the Bundesliga match between Dortmund and Schalke or number of Darts wins by Gary Anderson in the PDC Home Tour (out of 3)?
Bundesliga Goals (Dortmund/Schalke winner) – Gary Anderson Wins –
Bryan’s Pick

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4 – Who has more hits in the KBO Saturday & Sunday? Jose Miguel Fernandez of Doosan or Hyun-soo Kim of the LG Twins?
Fernandez – Kim –
Bryan’s Pick

Bryan and you the listeners went 2-1-1 last week and are still tied in our quarantine contest at 18-10-2.

Good Luck!