The 2017 is still going strong, but that didn't stop Major League Baseball for announcing the dates for the season next year.

The start of the season in the MLB will be on March 29th, which will be a Thursday on the 2018 calendar.  In addition to being the first day of the year, it will also feature a full slate of scheduled games in the league for the first time in 50 years.

The Sox will play at Tropicana Field versus the Rays for four game and then have their home opener against Tampa on the following Thursday, April 5th.  Sox fans won't have to wait long for the first Yankees series as that will occur on April 10th. Boston will have inter-league games versus the NL East, including Atlanta, Washington, Philadelphia, New York, and Miami.  The slate of games will end versus the New York Yankees at Fenway Park from September 28-30.

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