The Red Sox beat the Yankees 5-4 in game one of a three game series last night and you can thank the Boston bullpen for doing a lot of the work.

Drew Pomeranz pitched the first five innings, giving up just two runs (1 earned) on six hits. He struck out seven. The problem is he threw 123 pitches.

So the relief corp of Robbie Scott, Joe Kelly, Matt Barnes and Craig Kimbrel pitched the last four innings, throwing a lot of gas. Kelly and Kimbrel both threw pitches over 100 mph.

The Sox offense had nine hits, three of them were home runs - Mitch Moreland(7), Hanley Ramirez(8) and Andrew Benintendi(8).

The win gets the Red Sox to 32-25, the Yankees fall to 32-23.

Rick Porcello vs CC Sabathia in tonight's game.

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