Wayne, Greg, and Jeff get your day started with the news and notes from around the world of sports.

We took our trip around the headlines and started with game one of the NBA's Eastern Conference Finals between the Boston Celtics and Miami Heat. The Celtics have reached the Eastern Conference Finals in two of the previous three years and they are in for the fourth time in the last nine years, but have not won the league and advanced to the NBA Finals since 2010.

The Western Conference Finals were set Tuesday night after a historic series between the Clippers and Nuggets, we have those details.

We go through Major League Baseball and recap the big league debut on the mound for the Red Sox 2017 first round draft pick Tanner Houck against Miami.

Boston Red Sox v Miami Marlins
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The Yankees were bombing away the Blue Jays, and league owners in MLB made a decision in regards to the postseason and where those games will be played, we have those details too.

We have NFL headlines including the signing of a former New England Patriot Wide Receiver going to the team who lost in the Super Bowl.

There are college football headlines including some health and wellness notes out of a team in the SEC, and conversations about the chance for the Big Ten conference to start up their season, which may have been a bit premature, but not too far off.

We have college basketball notes and how a meeting today could impact the decisions for the NCAA regular season and for March Madness.

New York Islanders v Tampa Bay Lightning - Game Five
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And we have NHL notes from game 5 of the Eastern Conference Finals and a pair of coaching decisions one coach signing on, and one assistant coach leaving the bench.

We have all of those details and more as we help you start your day the right way on The Morning Line.


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