Anyone with kids has had proud parent moments when they do something unexpected that makes you feel like like you're raising them right. Two boys in Biddeford did something during the Patriots vs Ravens game that should make us all proud.

Carly Scott of Biddeford was so proud of her boys, 9-year-old Lucas and 3 year-old Tucker, that she shared this photo with us on Facebook. Here's what she wrote:

Proud Parent Moment: While watching the New England Patriots and Baltimore Ravens game, the National Anthem came on and my boys stopped what they were doing to respectfully stand for the flag.


Carly Scott

Not only did they stand, but even clasped their hands behind their backs showing the utmost respect for their country.

Let's be honest. Most of us are still grabbing the snacks and drinks and getting ready to settle in and never even think to stand during the The Star-Spangled Banner when it's on TV.

Way to go Tucker and Lucas! Not only did you make your mom proud, but we're all proud of your love and respect for America.