It’s that time again to determine who is deserving the Tool of the Week this week.  The match-up in this one will feature a bad field crew going against someone that is spending too much time on another field.  Let us know who your pick is!

Joe Robbins, Getty Images

Football fans have waited since early February to see some game action and they’ll have to wait even longer since the pre-season Hall of Fame game was cancelled on Sunday night.  The grounds crew of the Tom Benson Hall of Fame stadium out in Canton, Ohio had to deal with a Tim McGraw concert and heavy rains over the weekend and repainted the field to get it ready for the contest.  Unfortunately for them, the paint was the wrong type to use and hardened, making the surface unsafe for the players on both the Packers and the Colts.  I won’t even bring up that the stadium owners were given $4 million for renovations.  You’ll have to wait until at least Thursday for some pre-season football now…

Yoenis Cespedes is back in the news after he was spotted hitting the golf links last week.  The problem with his off-time activities was that he hadn’t played for the New York Mets after exiting a game last Wednesday with a quad injury.  Cespedes and General Manager Sandy Alderson no-sold the golf outing, but the slugger later landed on the DL and won’t be back until mid-August.  You just have to wonder why he would be out in public playing golf with a leg injury in the middle of a playoff race.

So we ask you to make your pick; is Yoenis Cespedes or the Tom Benson Hall of Fame Stadium grounds crew the more deserving of the honor of Tool of the Week?