The voting for Tool of the Week is back again for another go-round and it’s time to make your voice heard in this battle from the collegiate gridiron.  We have a program that celebrated way too much over a Hail Mary win that wasn’t versus two teams that played during the hurricane that ended with the sloppiest of play.  Read up on the candidates below and let us know who you believe is the Tool of the Week!

Florida Atlantic was playing a tough game against Charlotte at home over the weekend, and thought they had one of the most memorable victories in recent times.  Fans and players rushed the field after a last second touchdown, or at least what they thought was a ‘walk-off’ win.  The officials reviewed the play and determined the receiver was out of bounds as fans retreated to the exits in disappointment.  To make matters worse is that it was Charlotte’s first ever Conference USA win…that had to be a drastic change in emotion for Owl fans.  Never celebrate too early folks!

Hurricane Matthew roared down the coast and interrupted college football games across many conferences this weekend, but not the one between Notre Dame and North Carolina State.  The Fightin’ Irish and Wolfpack decided to play through the 20-mile-per-hour winds and severe rain while over 58 thousand fans were in attendance for the contest.  The game resulted in just 311 yards of total offense, four fumbles (two apiece for each side), and the best slip-n-slide tackling around.   NC State won the sloppy game by a score of 10-3 in a game that honestly should have just been skipped on the schedule completely.

You’ve heard about the candidates and we you need to pick which college football scenario is more worthy of Tool of the Week.  Make your voice heard as voting will be open until Friday morning at 5 a.m.!  We'll unveil the voting on Friday morning's show.