Odell Beckham Jr got back on the right track this weekend in the New York Giants’ 27-23 victory on Sunday.  Beckham Jr had eight catches for 222 yards and two touchdowns, including a game winning TD in the final minutes of the contest.  However, OBJ celebrated a little too hard after scoring and he got a 15-yard penalty tacked on to the ensuing kickoff and capped it off with a pre-meditated skit with the kicking net.  The Ravens drove down the field and came up just short of completing the comeback.  Beckham Jr should be thanking his defense for maintaining the narrow lead and not making him the biggest goat of the week for his antics.

Reigning NFC Championship quarterback Cam Newton continues to have a difficult 2016 season as the Carolina Panthers are a disappointing 1-5.  Though Newton has already compiled 1,296 yards for the season with eight touchdowns, it hasn’t translated into wins to this point in the year.  The frustration culminated with Newton storming out of a press conference postgame after less than a minute at the podium.  The QB has been critiqued about being a poor loser and this certainly won’t help that image.

So we now turn to you to ask who you think is the more deserving Tool of the Week this time around; is it OBJ’s excessive celebrations or is it Newton’s press conference problems?

Make your voice heard as voting will be open until Friday at 5 a.m.!  We’ll unveil the voting on Friday’s Morning Pitch.