Congratulations to the Bangor 11-12 All-Star Team who are the District 3 Champions, after beating Lincoln up in Lincoln 7-5 on Wednesday.

Bangor will now advance to the State Championships which will be held in Windham, with Bangor playing their 1st game on Saturday, July 20th at 1 p.m.

Photo Ashley and Doug Smith
Photo Ashley and Doug Smith

The Bangor All-Stars are managed by Jason Harvey and coached by Travis Noyes and Joe Vanidestine. Players include

  • Ryker Gifford
  • Drew Harvey
  • Liam Herbine
  • Judah Light
  • Chris Mitchell
  • Max Noyes
  • Max Prill
  • Corbin Smith
  • Cooper Sproul
  • Cam Uhlman
  • Jaxson Urquhart
  • Carter Vanidestine
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