If the Cincinnati Bengals vs. the L.A. Rams matchup on the field is a bit of a letdown for you, there's one thing we can all get excited about in the buildup to Super Bowl LVI - the spread.

No, I'm not talking betting, I'm talking the most important aspect of Super Bowl Sunday - the food. Whether you will find yourself attending a Super Bowl party on Sunday, or just hanging out in the comfort of your own home, snacks are the best way to spice up the day that maybe you otherwise don't care that much about (assuming there is not many Bengals or Rams fans reading this).

Look no further for inspiration of what to add to your grocery list this week. We have compiled 16 of the best gameday eats and throughout the course of the week, your votes will narrow the field until we crown the 'Best Super Bowl Snack.'

*The field is split into four regions, and the top-2 vote getters in each region will advance to the quarterfinals beginning tomorrow. The snacks will then be seeded 1-8 based on vote totals from the first round.

Time to let us know what your favorites are!

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