It was chalk in yesterday's quarterfinal round as the top-4 seeds all advanced without much in the way of competition.

No. 1 seeded mashed potatoes rolled over green bean casserole with 79.3% of the vote.

4th-seeded cranberry sauce/jelly received the lowest vote total of the four winners, but still had enough support to edge bread/rolls 57.1%-42.9%.

The #3 seed sweet potatoes put its versatility on display with a 65.4%-34.6% win against 6th-seeded mac & cheese, while #2 stuffing had no problem vs. #7 squash and claimed the highest margin of victory with 85.2% of the vote.

Now it gets tough. While all four of the remaining options could be combined to make one heck of a plate on their own, that's not what we're doing here. A champion must be crowned.

1. Mashed Potatoes vs. 4. Cranberry Sauce/Jelly

2. Stuffing vs. 3. Sweet Potatoes

Which pair makes it to tomorrow's final and which two get swept off the table for the dog to clean up?