The Associated Press is reporting that two brothers sought by police in connection with the terrorist attacks at satirical newspaper 'Charlie Hebdo' are dead. Police have been engaged in a hostage standoff with the brothers over the past few hours. The hostage has reportedly been freed. However, the hostages in another standoff didn't fare so well.

In a related situation, a man who is thought to have been responsible for the death of a police woman yesterday, had taken hostages in a kosher grocery. The Associated Press reports the man had threatened to start shooting hostages if any harm came to the brothers. That man has also been killed but he shot four of his hostages to death before he died. Fifteen other hostages were found alive.

Explosions and gunshots could be heard on live coverage as the standoffs came to a head. The AP reports the brothers 'came out firing' and were shot by police.The two brothers are suspected in a terrorist attack on the Paris newspaper 'Charlie Hebdo' in which 12 people, including police, were killed.