The Philadelphia 76ers showed the Boston Celtics that they are getting better and the improvement is hapenning fast. The C's won the game, 110-106, but it was anything but easy.

Young stud Joel Embiid controlled the inside most of the night. He scored 23 points. The 76ers had a double digit lead at the half and well into the second half.

But the C's stuck with their three-point game. They hit a franchise record 19 (19-for-40). Avery Bradley had six of them and led in scoring with 26 points. Al Horford hit some big threes late in the game while scoring 19 points. Isaiah Thomas scored 24.

The Celtics are now 22-14 and host New Orleans tonight at the Garden.

Philly drops to 9-25, the second worst record in the NBA. Brooklyn has eight wins and the C's have their first round draft pick.

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