In yesterday's Drive Poll, we asked Patriots fans which opponent they would most like to see in the Wild Card Round of the NFL playoffs. 48.5% said they wanted to see a trilogy match between the Pats and the Bills. 42.4% said they wanted to see Cincy in that first round game and an additional 9.1% said they would like to see Kansas City first up.

According to ESPN's Football Power Index, the most likely first round scenario is a date with Cincy (41%), followed by a meeting with the Bills (33%).

Either way, one thing is for certain in this year's NFL - there will be no easy path through to the Super Bowl, regardless of what seed your team may hold.

For years, people often tried to taint New England's success by saying "well of course they're in the AFC Championship Game every year." After all, all that was needed was to win a bad AFC East, get a 1st round bye, then win a single Divisional Round game at home. Just like that, they were on the doorstep of the Super Bowl.

I don't know about you, but I could not care less if my teams receive a perceived "easy" path to the promise land. Sports is about one thing - winning championships - and every other fanbase in the country would gladly take an easy route to a ring, whether they want to admit to it or not.

But I'll ask the question anyways. What kind of challenge do you like to see your favorite team face when it comes time for the postseason?

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