At its core, the subject of replay reviews in sports seems like a no brainer, right? You have the ability to review a play and determine (most of the time) without a doubt what the correct call should be regardless of how it was ruled on the field, court or ice.

The problem is, too often replay reviews become bogged down, drawn out processes, where you as the viewer see a play 10+ times from five different angles over the course of 2-5 minutes as play is stopped.

Take last night's Western Conference Finals Game 2 for instance. With the Clippers and Suns coming down to the wire in a riveting contest, the final 90 seconds of game action took 33 minutes of real time to complete.

Unfortunately, we're not left with many options. Either replays are a thing, and the flow of the game suffers in an attempt to make sure every crucial call is correct, or we do away with replays at the risk of missed or incorrect calls turning a game's outcome.

What do you think? Is the role of replay in sports a benefit to the game or a hindrance?

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