Poll #1 - The Supreme Court voted unanimously yesterday against the NCAA in a ruling that provided a foundation for college student-athletes to get paid in the near-future and likely will set up more legal battles between players and the NCAA.

Justice Brett Kavanaugh wrote "The NCAA couches its arguments for not paying student athletes in innocuous labels. But the labels cannot disguise the reality: The NCAA's business model would be flatly illegal in almost any other industry in America."

A matter that is long overdue, it appears the idea of student-athletes being able to make a buck for their services in finally on the horizon. Now, the question is just "how should they get paid?"

Here are a few methods in the form of today's Drive Poll. Let us know if you like any of them -

Poll #2 - Jacob deGrom became the first pitcher subjected to an on-field search by the crew chief last night as the New York Mets' ace fanned two batters in the first inning.

The umps checked the ball, deGrom's glove, his hat and then asked the pitcher to unbuckle his belt in broad daylight in the middle of the diamond.

Is that taking it a step too far in this sticky situation?


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