Anyone who watched the Red Sox vs. Yankees series this weekend in The Bronx got a reminder of just how obnoxious Yankees' fans can be.

Whether it was the idiot who drilled Alex Verdugo in the back with a baseball or the classless person who - allegedly - spat at Jason Varitek's young daughter, the "Bleacher Creatures" as they affectionately call themselves, were on full display.

That being said, Sox fans should be careful who and what they judge, as the Royal Rooters don't exactly have the greatest reputation out there. I know I've witnessed my fair share of inebriated Bostonians relentlessly hounding the opposition and their fans whether at Fenway or the slightly-pretentious Pats fans that filter into Gillette every Sunday, Monday or Thursday.

Who are the worst of the worst out there when it comes to overly annoying, obnoxiously boisterous and baselessly arrogant fan bases? (Yes, I'm looking at you, Cowboys fans...)

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