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We rolled through the impactful scores in Major League Baseball as the Toronto Blue Jays clinched a playoff spot in the American League, and the Los Angeles Dodgers reached the 40 win mark in the National League, one other team can match the Dodgers win total we discussed that and we recapped the final meeting of 2020 between the Red Sox and the Orioles, it was a Baltimore blow out at Fenway Park.

We have NBA notes including a preview of game 5 between the Celtics and Heat in the Eastern Conference Finals, and we also recapped the result of game four in the Western Conference Finals between the Lakers and the Denver Nuggets.

The case against the owner of the New England Patriots will not be going forward, we'll let you know why and recap the Thursday Night NFL game as Atlantic Ocean Supremacy was up for grabs between Miami and Jacksonville.

Miami Dolphins v Jacksonville Jaguars
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We also have details about the start of the next NHL season and when teams can arrive at their training facilities.

And we have college sports notes too, more college football conferences are heading toward the start of their year while multiple games are cancelled this year because of roster and health issues related to COVID-19.

And a basketball conference is planning their start, and high school sports in Maine is ready to go for field hockey and soccer teams around the state.

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