Believe it or not, we're still less than a month removed from the NFL postseason, which from a neutral perspective, was one of the craziest playoff tournaments the league has ever put forth.

Starting in the Divisional Round and continuing through the Super Bowl, every game played was decided by single digits.

But that was just the appetizer. One week from tomorrow, the main course tips off - March Madness. An extended holiday in its own right in this country. Right now, casual fans who have paid no attention to the college basketball season to date are beginning to watch conference tournaments and find weird nuggets of info on dark horse teams to help them fill out the perfect bracket.

It consumes the sports world and spills into pop culture. My girlfriend, who could not care less about the sport of basketball for 11 months out of the year, has been asking for weeks now if we'll be doing a bracket challenge because that's just the affect March Madness has.

That's the beauty of the tournament and why it's so huge. You don't need to be a sports fan to get involved. You can pick schools whose name you like, or make your selections based on which mascot is best. No matter how it happens, March Madness sucks you in through that personal tie to a bracket or the teams you've picked to make a deep run.

Is that draw enough to make it the best postseason of any tournament played in this country?

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