It's opening day for the Portland Sea Dogs, and it's....snowing. Again. A video released this week is dedicated to the winter of 2015 and asks 'Do You Want to Go to Hadlock?' to the tune of (appropriately enough) 'Do You Wanna Build a Snowman?' Play (snow) ball!

It's hard to get excited about baseball season when it's 30 degrees outside and snowing. But we're Mainers. We can deal with this! Some mittens and hot chocolate or coffee, and we'll be fine! Just don't be surprised if the players are wearing parkas.

The Portland Sea Dogs are scheduled to take on the Fightin' Phils at 6:00 tonight at Hadlock Field in Portland. The forecast is for variably cloudy skies and temperatures probably in the 30's by then. I have a son in Portland who's a big Sea Dogs fan. If he goes, I hope he wears his hat!