If you spend much time on Youtube, Insta, Facebook, or TikTok, you know that people have been known to catch some strange things on video here in Maine.  There are videos that appear to show ghosts, monsters, Bigfoot, and even UFOs.

Do you have any videos showing strange things?  If you do, they could be worth big bucks.

According to ABC 7 in Chicago, Ring (the people who make those video doorbells and security camera systems) are offering a million dollars to anyone who can prove that aliens exist through video from their doorbell.

They are being pretty open about what the video can show as proof.  So, it sounds like catching a spacecraft (flying saucer) on video would be just as good as catching video of some ET looking for Reese's Pieces in your trash cans.

The deadline for entry is November 3rd, 2023.  Ring plans to have meteorologists and other scientists go over the video that gets submitted to see how valid it is.  They want to make sure what you caught on video really is a UFO and not someone's drone (or another Chinese spy balloon).

Not that it matters too much (except for tax purposes), the person who gets the proof and wins the cash will get it in annual installments of $50,000.

You can learn more about the contest from the Ring website

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