Titans beat the Pats in 2019

It was truly a shock to New England Patriots fans everywhere back in January 2019 when former Pats player-turned-Tennessee Titans coach Mike Vrabel led his team to eliminate the Patriots from the playoffs 20-13. There was another shock that we didn't know was coming as a couple of months later, we would find out that loss would be Tom Brady's last as a member of the Pats, leaving New England for the Tampa Bay Buccaneers.

And on this week's edition of Inside the NFL, we were shocked to find out another piece of information from that game as well, almost four years after it happened.

Julian Edelman forgot a play call

In the second quarter of the game with the Pats down 7-3 and positioned five yards from the end zone, the Pats offense broke from the huddle, approached the line of scrimmage, and positioned themselves in their appropriate spots for the play.

Everyone except Edelman.

Wild Card Round - Tennessee Titans v New England Patriots
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"I looked at my guy and I said, 'What was the play?'"

The irony is the play was not only actually centered around Edelman (it was a reverse to him, where he would run around the backside of Brady, who would pitch him the ball and Jules would head for the end zone), but the play ended up actually being successful.

"We ended up scoring the touchdown!"

And while the play led to the Pats grabbing a temporary 10-7 lead (and was the only actual touchdown scored by the Pats all game), it sounded like Brady wanted to rip Edelman's head off at the line.

"Julian! You're in the slot!"

The irony, though, is that fans watching at home who were able to hear Brady screaming at Edelman due to being mic'd up for the game, thought that it was an intentional move by the Pats and they were trying to mislead and confuse the Titans' defense.

In fact, player-turned-analyst Tony Romo even thought that Brady screaming at Edelman was an intentional move, as Jules recalled when watching the clip of Romo's commentary.

"Look at how they're intertwined and acting this one out."

Nope, Edelman just straight-up forgot what the hell was happening, yet still put six on the board for the Pats. Amazing.

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