The Boston Celtics had every reason in the world to lose Friday night...but refused and came back to beat the Charlotte Hornets 90-87.

The night started with an Aron Baynes elbow whacking Kyrie Iring in the nose. Irving left the game with a bloody nose and is being monitored for concussion symptoms.

No Kyrie, no Al Horford, no Gordon problem.

Down 16 at the half, coach Brad Stevens worked 12 different players in the lineup and the C's kept getting closer.

A 16-3 run to start the fourth quarter flipped the game.

Guys like Shane Larkin, who scored 16 points in the 17 minutes helped the Celtics to victory. Morris had 14 points and seven rebounds. Terry Rozier had 15 and 7.

And then the two kids, Jaylen Brown and Jayson Tatum. Brown had 10 points and 13 rebounds. Tatum scored 16.

So the win streak reaches 11. The Celts are 11-2 with Toronto coming to Boston Garden Sunday.

The Hornets, coached by former UMaine Farmington player and Woodland HS coach, Steve Clifford, drop to 5-7.

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