Four men, a woman, and a child were killed at a Texas campsite by a man who lived next door. One of the men is a former resident of Farmington, Maine.

Carl Johnson, age 77, was a former employee of the University of Maine at Farmington, along with his wife Cynthia. The Lewiston Sun Journal reports the pair had retired in 1999 and moved to Texas. Their daughter, Hannah, had also moved to Texas and purchased property near Tennessee Colony, Texas, along with her boyfriend, Thomas Kamp.

The family was camping on the property over the weekend when one of their vehicles became stuck in the mud.  CBS News reports that 33-year-old William Hudson, who owned the property next door, helped the family get the vehicle free and had then hung out with them that afternoon. He allegedly returned later and killed Carl and Hannah, whose bodies were found inside the camper. Police say they 'may have been' shot. The bodies of Hannah's 6-year-old son, Thomas Kamp, and his two teenage sons, were found in a pond behind Hudson's home. Police are unsure if the four people drowned or whether they were killed before being placed in the water. Autopsies are being conducted. Cynthia was the lone survivor of the attack. It's unclear whether she was injured.

Hudson was arrested at his mother's house, which is next door to his own property. So far, police have not released a motive for the attacks.