We've reached the final of our 3-day tournament to decide the best side dish on the table on Thanksgiving and it's down to the two favorites.

Top-seeded Mashed Potatoes had no trouble dispatching Cranberry Sauce/Jelly with 66.7% of the vote, while No. 2 seed Stuffing continued its dominant run, once again commanding north of 85% of the vote in its semifinal win over 3-seed Sweet Potatoes.

Remember, the purpose of this exercise is not to tell you which side dish should be the only one you reach for on Turkey Day next week. That would be preposterous. I strongly encourage all to gorge on as many of the sides as one can pile onto a plate. We're simply attempting to determine which is the one people reach for first.

With that in mind, which dish gets your vote - Mashed Potatoes or Stuffing?

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