The MDI Swim and Dive Teams defeated John Bapst on Friday, January 6th at the Bangor Y. The MDI Girls won 132-39 with the MDI Boys winning 114-39.

Thanks to Dave Blaney, Coach of the MDI Team for the results.

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Here are the individual results

Girls 200 Yard Medley Relay
1, Mdi Trojans 'A' (Lylah Wagstaff FR, Denali Wagstaff JR, Elle Yarborough JR,
Nina Rozeff SR), 2:02.62. 2, John Bapst Memorial HS 'A' (Gabby Rentosa JR,
Kate Griffin JR, Meghan Bowden SO, Emily Adams SR), 2:10.27. 3, Mdi Trojans
'B' (Willa Bond FR, Susanna Davis JR, Lily Allen SO, Lexi Jones SO), 2:16.21.

Boys 200 Yard Medley Relay
1, Mdi Trojans 'A' (Brendan Graves SR, Liam McKernan JR, Patrick Salysiak FR,
Sam York SR), 1:53.10. 2, John Bapst Memorial HS 'A' (Martin Skacel SR, Ethan
Roach JR, Finn Oldenburg JR, William Grover SO), 1:55.48. 3, Mdi Trojans 'B'
(Oakley Bench SR, Riley Donahue JR, Ryan Davis SR, Chris Cooper SR), 2:17.76.

Girls 200 Yard Freestyle
1, Lily Allen, MDI, 2:18.75. 2, Isabelle Byer, MDI, 2:24.27. 3, Rachel
Wheelden, BAPST, 2:29.27. 4, Luna Wilhelm, MDI, 2:41.64.

Boys 200 Yard Freestyle
1, McCadden Morris, MDI, 2:09.43. 2, Sebastian Cullen, MDI, 2:20.63. 3,
William Grover, BAPST, 2:54.53.

Girls 200 Yard IM
1, Lily James, MDI, 2:23.65. 2, Elle Yarborough, MDI, 2:25.45. 3, Iz
Gilhooley, MDI, 2:53.97. --, Meghan Bowden, BAPST, DQ.

Boys 200 Yard IM
1, Patrick Salysiak, MDI, 2:19.70. 2, Brendan Graves, MDI, 2:20.11. 3, Liam
McKernan, MDI, 2:22.64.

Girls 50 Yard Freestyle
1, Lylah Wagstaff, MDI, 27.25. 2, Lily Byer, MDI, 28.36. 3, Nina Rozeff, MDI,
29.03. 4, Marin Griffin, BAPST, 29.37. 5, Emily Adams, BAPST, 32.06. --, Lexi
Jones, MDI, X31.19. --, Faith Buzzell, HER, X46.23. --, Arabella Fung, BAPST,
X50.02. --, Kacey Poland, HER, X56.21.

Boys 50 Yard Freestyle
1, Oakley Bench, MDI, 28.72. 2, Aristo Fung, BAPST, 32.78. 3, Chris Cooper,
MDI, 35.43. 4, Finn Oldenburg, BAPST, 40.35. 5, Ryan Davis, MDI, 41.66.

Girls 1 mtr Diving
1, Stephanie Gualtieri, BAPST, 148.40. 2, Zoey Ray, MDI, 137.85. 3, Meri
Rainford, MDI, 101.70. 4, Isabelle Byer, MDI, 74.80.

Boys 1 mtr Diving
1, Oakley Bench, MDI, 96.40. 2, Riley Donahue, MDI, 1.07.

Girls 100 Yard Butterfly
1, Gabby Rentosa, BAPST, 1:03.43. 2, Denali Wagstaff, MDI, 1:11.57. 3, Gracie
Parker, MDI, 1:14.38.

Boys 100 Yard Butterfly
1, Ethan Roach, BAPST, 59.16. 2, Liam McKernan, MDI, 1:03.43. 3, Sebastian
Cullen, MDI, 1:10.92.

Girls 100 Yard Freestyle
1, Susanna Davis, MDI, 1:03.41. 2, Nina Rozeff, MDI, 1:03.92. 3, Lily Byer,
MDI, 1:04.02. 4, Rachel Wheelden, BAPST, 1:05.62. 5, Emily Adams, BAPST,
1:13.05. --, Iz Gilhooley, MDI, X1:11.39. --, Luna Wilhelm, MDI, X1:14.62. --,
Harley Johnston, MDI, X1:18.20. --, Kacey Poland, HER, X1:23.08.

Boys 100 Yard Freestyle
1, Sam York, MDI, 55.01. 2, Aristo Fung, BAPST, 1:16.78. 3, Simon Zhang, MDI,
1:22.28. 4, Chris Cooper, MDI, 1:28.93. --, Gavin Mahar, HER, X1:06.67.

Girls 500 Yard Freestyle
1, Elle Yarborough, MDI, 5:52.77. 2, Lily Allen, MDI, 6:09.91. 3, Marin
Griffin, BAPST, 6:11.55.

Boys 500 Yard Freestyle
1, McCadden Morris, MDI, 5:52.56. 2, Ryan Davis, MDI, 6:21.62.

Girls 200 Yard Freestyle Relay
1, Mdi Trojans 'A' (Lily James SR, Denali Wagstaff JR, Lily Byer FR, Lylah
Wagstaff FR), 1:51.59. 2, John Bapst Memorial HS 'A' (Gabby Rentosa JR, Rachel
Wheelden SO, Meghan Bowden SO, Kate Griffin JR), 1:53.05. 3, Mdi Trojans 'B'
(Susanna Davis JR, Willa Bond FR, Gracie Parker SR, Isabelle Byer FR),
1:57.71. 4, Mdi Trojans 'C' (Lexi Jones SO, Iz Gilhooley JR, Harley Johnston
SR, Luna Wilhelm FR), x2:14.14.

Boys 200 Yard Freestyle Relay
1, John Bapst Memorial HS 'A' (William Grover SO, Finn Oldenburg JR, Ethan
Roach JR, Martin Skacel SR), 1:45.47. 2, Mdi Trojans 'A' (Liam McKernan JR,
Riley Donahue JR, Sebastian Cullen FR, Sam York SR), 1:45.62. 3, Mdi Trojans
'B' (Simon Zhang SO, Chris Cooper SR, Oakley Bench SR, McCadden Morris SO),

Girls 100 Yard Backstroke
1, Lily James, MDI, 1:08.90. 2, Willa Bond, MDI, 1:14.93. 3, Gracie Parker,
MDI, 1:17.38.

Boys 100 Yard Backstroke
1, Patrick Salysiak, MDI, 1:01.93. 2, Martin Skacel, BAPST, 1:05.05. 3,
Brendan Graves, MDI, 1:12.29.

Girls 100 Yard Breaststroke
1, Denali Wagstaff, MDI, 1:15.31. 2, Lylah Wagstaff, MDI, 1:19.46. 3, Kate
Griffin, BAPST, 1:21.50. 4, Lexi Jones, MDI, 1:39.64.

Boys 100 Yard Breaststroke
1, Riley Donahue, MDI, 1:20.14. 2, Sam York, MDI, 1:24.27. --, Gavin Mahar,
HER, X1:23.94. --, Simon Zhang, MDI, DQ.

Girls 400 Yard Freestyle Relay
1, Mdi Trojans 'A' (Lily James SR, Elle Yarborough JR, Lily Allen SO, Nina
Rozeff SR), 4:11.17. 2, John Bapst Memorial HS 'A' (Kate Griffin JR, Marin
Griffin SO, Meghan Bowden SO, Gabby Rentosa JR), 4:17.55. 3, Mdi Trojans 'B'
(Susanna Davis JR, Lily Byer FR, Isabelle Byer FR, Gracie Parker SR), 4:18.09.
4, Mdi Trojans 'C' (Willa Bond FR, Luna Wilhelm FR, Iz Gilhooley JR, Harley
Johnston SR), x4:58.56.

Boys 400 Yard Freestyle Relay
1, Mdi Trojans 'A' (Brendan Graves SR, Ryan Davis SR, Patrick Salysiak FR,
Sebastian Cullen FR), 3:52.09. 2, John Bapst Memorial HS 'A' (Finn Oldenburg
JR, William Grover SO, Martin Skacel SR, Ethan Roach JR), 3:58.27.

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