- Results from yesterday's First Four match-ups in the Cheese & Chip Regions:

*Cheese Region - 10th seed Wise Cheez Doodles (79%) defeated 7th seed Lance Toast Chee Crackers. 8th seed Utz Cheese Balls (57.1%) defeated 9th seed Combos.

*Chip Region - 10th seed Humpty Dumpty BBQ (77.8%) defeated 7th seed Funyuns. 8th seed Cape Cod Kettle Chips (78.9%) defeated 9th seed Veggie Straws.

The bracket is set and we begin the Round of 32 action in the Salty Region, led by the top seed Fritos. Once again, before any of you get upset by the seeding, it's based on yearly national sales, so you can only be upset with yourself. And by yourself, I mean you as part of a society contributing to these numbers.

Pretzels defeated Pork Rinds in the region's play-in round, while Chex Mix knocked off Bugles to earn its way into the field of 32.

Without further ado, it's time to get out the vote in the Salty Region!


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