Eight teams remain in the NFL playoffs as we gear up for the Divisional Round this weekend.

But for the purpose of this exercise, we're only going to focus on five of the team's QB's - Tom Brady, Patrick Mahomes, Aaron Rodgers, Josh Allen and Joe Burrow.

Why Brady is still playing, no one knows. He's lapped the entire league when it comes to postseason, having as many career victories in the playoffs as all but three franchises. If he wins Sunday vs. the Rams, Brady will have 20 more career playoff victories than the next closest QB on the list - Joe Montana, 16.

Mahomes only has two blemishes on his postseason resume (both against Brady - 2018 AFC Championship Game, 2020 Super Bowl) and is looking to get to a 3rd-straight Super Bowl.

Rodgers, for as many accolades that come his way during the regular season for the numbers he puts up, is only 11-9 in 20 career playoff games, with the one Super Bowl to his credit. But, he's still Aaron Rodgers, and can beat you with his gimpy toe and all without breaking a sweat.

Allen, well, I don't have to say why he's on this list after what he did to Belichick & Co. last Saturday night. And Burrow hasn't been here before, but with the way he's currently playing, I'm not sure there's a defense in the league that wants to oppose him at the moment.

Of this group of five, which QB would select if you had to win one game for all the marbles?

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