The Boston Celtics are four wins away from being undeniable. They've been questioned and belittled all year, but with four more wins, they will complete one of the most dominant seasons ever played in NBA history.

They've won 76-of-96 times they've stepped on a court this season. They've outscored the opposition by 1071 combined points this year. Only five teams in league history have ever outscored their opponents by 1000 points or more for an entire year.

But is it all enough to be considered the best team in their own city over the last decade?

Well, there's some stiff competition. While it's been more than five years since Boston has crowned a champion, the front half of the last decade was filled with worthy contenders.

The Red Sox won more games than any other year in franchise history in 2018, steamrolling through the regular season and then running through the playoffs with relative ease. The team was loaded with stars and just felt like a machine with their ability to churn out wins.

The Patriots captured three Super Bowls during the period, and the champ in the middle, like children, often gets overlooked for just how impressive it was.

That's because it concluded with the most thrilling comeback in Super Bowl history. 28-3. It's tough to get beyond the glory of that game alone, but when you do, you remember a 14-2 squad and one that lost just once with Tom Brady as its QB.

The year began with Brady serving the farcical suspension resulting from Deflategate, which saw the Pats win their first three games before a 16-0 loss to the Bills with a battered Jacoby Brissett at QB. Once Brady came back for Week 5 in Cleveland, the Pats went 14-1 the rest of the way while averaging 31 points per game.

Of course, just last year the B's turned in the greatest regular season in the history of hockey. But something tells me the way that year ended might prevent people from sending too many votes the Bruins' way.

What's your pick for the best team we've had the pleasure to watch over the last decade?

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