From the brink of elimination to halfway home. Well, I guess the former still applies as well.

Marcus Smart and Jaylen Brown tried to warn Miami by invoking the immortal words of Kevin Millar prior to Game 4. Now, here we are heading back to Miami with a familiar script playing out.

Boston is just the 12th team all-time to force Game 6 after trailing 0-3. Of the three teams that have evened the series by winning 3-straight, none of them had the luxury of playing Game 7 at home, which of course Boston will have if they can survive tomorrow night in South Beach.

Surviving tomorrow night will be no easy task, as it's basically Miami's Game 7. If Boston ties it up and brings it back home on Monday, the Heat won't stand a chance.

Two down, two to go. Do you think the Celtics are actually going to pull it off?

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