When one is able to revel in as much success as a New England sports fan has experienced in the last two decades, one opens themselves up to a bit of heartbreak along the way.

It comes with the territory. If the goal is championships, anything less leaves a bitter taste in the mouth. The Celtics run to the Eastern Conference Finals ensured a 14th-straight year that at least one Boston team was represented in its league's "final four." Though, I'm not sure you'd find a Celtics fan anywhere at the moment who would tell you that made the season a success.

For the second time in as many months, a team that calls TD Garden home suffered a disappointing exit from the postseason. We thought we may get a pair of duck boat parades come late June and instead a pair of 8-seeds from southern Florida sent our teams packing.

The Bruins demise was shocking. Up 3-1 vs. the Panthers in the first round, only to choke away the series and the greatest regular season in NHL history. The Celtics at least won a couple of rounds but once again failed to take advantage of the yellow brick path in front of them which led to the NBA Finals.

Which team's failure stung more?

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