For the fourth time in the last five years, the Kansas City Chiefs will represent the American Football Conference in the Super Bowl after their latest 17-10 AFC title game triumph over the Baltimore Ravens.

Despite having to go on the road for the first time in the playoff career of Patrick Mahomes, the Chiefs were able to survive in Buffalo and outclass Baltimore to book their trip to Las Vegas in two weeks.

I'm trying real hard to keep an open mind and not simply grow a disliking for the Chiefs purely because they continue to win on the biggest stage year after year after year, but man it's tough. It's how everyone else treated the Patriots for the last two decades because jealousy breeds disdain.

Six years ago when the Mahomes era was beginning, KC was viewed as the darling team that could potentially knock off the big bad Pats and bring an end to their run. Now, they've lived long enough to see themselves become the villain just for doing that very thing of winning.

Apart from the flyover states, most of the country will likely be rooting hard for the Niners to bring an end to this Chiefs' dynastic run. Do you count yourself among those suffering this Monday morning from "Chiefs fatigue"? Or are you a fan of greatness no matter the form?

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