The original idea for today's Drive Poll was "the Red Sox offseason will be a success if..." but then I realized there were simply too many potential answers to have to sift through.

From locking up Xander Bogaerts and/or Rafael Devers long-term, to adding a couple additional bats, to the need for a No. 2 starting pitcher. All that without even mentioning holes in the outfield and behind the plate.

So, yeah, the man in charge has his work cut out for him when reconstructing this Red Sox roster.

So instead of listing all the various needs Boston has to fill out a championship-contending roster, let's just ask the simple question - do you trust Chaim Bloom to be the person to do the job?

He's been on the job more than three years now. He's traded Mookie, guided the Sox to within 18 innings of a World Series appearance, finished in last place in the AL East twice and not spent nearly enough money as most Sox fans would like him to.

With the hot stove heating up and Aaron Judge back in pinstripes, the Sox certainly have some ground to cover after their quiet approach to begin the offseason.

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