"In Bill I trust" is not a phrase that gets shouted from rooftops across New England all that often anymore.

On Monday, following the worst loss during his time as head coach of the Patriots, we asked on Twitter, "How warm is Bill Belichick's seat?"

- 31.6% responded "En Fuego", 31.6% also responded "Warmer than ever before", while 21.1% said Lukewarm and 15.8%, the diehards, said chose "Ice cold. He's the G.O.A.T."

That he certainly is, but does that really make him impervious to the results on the field? I'm certain that if Tom Brady led the Pats to three sub-.500 years at the end of his tenure, plenty of the Patriots' faithful would have been calling for him to lose the gig.

And yet, that's where this team appears to be heading under Belichick's guidance. After losing their two best defensive players for the year in Sunday's blowout, with Matthew Judon lost to a torn biceps and Christian Gonzalez done for the year with a torn labrum, the team's strength, it's defense, has already taken quite the blow. And that's without making mention of a pair of Joneses (Jack and Marcus) currently on IR.

The offense is five points worse than a year ago at this time, when Matt Patricia was steering that ship ashore. And the team is still faced with one of the toughest schedules in the league. Add it all up and this could very well end up being New England's 3rd losing season in the last four, after having none in the previous 19.

So, what happens then? Most coaches around the league don't survive the first couple losing seasons, let alone ones that have been plagued with the issues we've seen from the Pats in recent years.

If this year doesn't get turned around, do significant changes need to be considered?

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