Mac Jones is under a microscope. It comes with the territory of being an NFL QB, especially one who is looked to as the next guy in line after the G.O.A.T.

The 3rd year QB is coming off an effort Sunday in the driving rain vs. a unit believed to be among the best in the conference, in which he completed 15-of-29 attempts for 201 yards and the team's lone touchdown, a 58-yard strike to tight end Pharaoh Brown.

It wasn't the prettiest display of passing, but it got the job done, barely, as Mac managed the Pats to victory without turning the ball over.

Through three games, he's passed for 748yds/5td/2int with a 64.8% completion rate. When extrapolated over 17 games, those numbers equate to 4239yds/28td/11int. I think most fans would take that season in a heartbeat from No. 10.

That being said, it's not all about stats, which is where young Mac leaves room for longing among Patriots fans.

Already this season, he's shown an inability to put together a drive when the team needs it most. The offense had two golden chances to march down the field and tie or take the lead late in the 4th quarter Week 1 vs. Philly and failed to do so. They had a chance at a game-tying TD drive in the final moments of Week 2 but came up empty. They got the ball four different times in the fourth quarter, needing really nothing more than a sustained drive, let alone a scoring one, to put the game on ice in Week 3, yet they only mustered two total first downs and four quick punts.

That's the hope for what's next. To see Jones take the leap and become a QB capable of throwing the team on his shoulders and marching down the field in the game's most crucial moments.

But, to be fair, we're only grading him on what he's done to this point. It's the return of Two Poll Tuesday! Let us know what grade you'd give Mac for Sunday's effort, as well as his 3-game sample size here in 2023.

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