The 2024 MLB regular season doesn't even begin for another three weeks and two days, but the Boston Red Sox seem incapable of even making it that long with enough interest to keep the fanbase gripped.

Word came down this morning that Lucas Giolito - the prized off-season signing if there was one, experienced discomfort in his elbow following his last rocky spring training outing and appears headed for a year on the sidelines.

That means that while actual pitchers are too expensive for the Sox' blood, they'll now be paying Chris Sale and Lucas Giolito about $36 million to not pitch for them this season.

It's the latest laughable headline in an off-season filled with such for the BoSox. We already knew this year's squad was likely a last place one in waiting, now in the last two days it's lost its "ace" in the rotation while the starting 2nd baseman has been shut down through Opening Day.

On February 23, we asked if you had any reason to hold out hope that the Red Sox will be an exciting and entertaining bunch this year, to which only 41.3% said yes.

Now, as we continue to creep towards the games being counted for real, are the Sox even worth your time?

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