With last night's 9-point win in Houston, the Boston Celtics have a 2.5-game lead over the NBA and a 3.5-game lead in the Eastern Conference. They're on pace for 63 wins and outscore teams by nearly 10 points per game, the best mark in the Association.

As Larry David would say, they're "prettaay, prettaay, prettaay good."

Why are they so good? Well, because the top six in their rotation is simply better than anybody else's in the league. I know, they just failed their last two tests, getting bludgeoned on the road in Milwaukee and then having the 20-0 home start come to an end Friday night vs. Denver.

Still, nobody's got it better than Boston's top six:

- Jayson Tatum: 26.7ppg/8.3rpg/4.4apg

- Jaylen Brown: 22.8ppg/5.3rpg/3.6apg

- Kristaps Porzingis: 19.5ppg/6.8rpg/2.0apg

- Derrick White: 16.2ppg/4.1rpg/4.9apg

- Jrue Holliday: 13.1ppg/6.2rpg/4.6apg

- Al Horford: 7.8ppg/6.9rpg/2.8apg

And it's worth noting Horford is actually the team's 8th-leading scorer, with both Hauser (8.2ppg) and Pritchard (7.9ppg) averaging more per night.

We're less than one month from the NBA All-Star Game which is set for Feb. 18 in Indianapolis. With All-Star fan voting having been last updated on Thursday, here's how things look for members of the Green Team.

Tatum ranks 3rd among frontcourt players in the East behind only Giannis and Embiid. Brown ranks 5th among forwards and Porzingis is right behind him in 6th place. White ranks 6th in the voting among East guards, while Holiday is currently in 9th.

While all five Celtics starters rank inside the top-10 at their position, chances are only a couple of them will make the trip to Indiana next month.

The all-time record for All-Stars selected off one team's roster in a single season is four. Tatum is a lock, maybe not for a starting spot but for a place on the roster. Brown should have a spot as a reserve, ranking in the top-5 among forwards, and the way Porzingis has been playing this season he deserves real consideration as well.

But three players from one team is pushing it at that point. And we've yet to mention Derrick White, who's overall numbers may not scream All-Star, but after averaging north of 20ppg for the month of December, he's scored 20+ in the last three games once again after a slower start to January.

If you had a vote (which you do...) how many Celtics would you send to the All-Star Game?

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