Two weeks ago I left for a 12-day vacation to England and Scotland. When the plane took off from the runway at Logan Airport, the New England Patriots had just upset the Buffalo Bills and appeared to be finally turning the corner from an abysmal start to the season.

Now, on my first day back in the office, there's talk that Bill Belichick may be getting ready to coach his final game with the Pats should things continue to sour this Sunday vs. the Colts in Frankfurt, Germany.

It's a scenario Ben Volin alluded to in an article last Friday in the Boston Globe, prior to the Pats' latest inexcusably dismal performance against the Washington Commanders at Gillette Stadium in Week 9.

“Based on my conversations, I don’t think it’s 100% that Belichick finishes out this season,” Volin penned last Friday. “These next two games before the bye are huge, particularly the Germany game, which is practically the team’s Super Bowl for the Krafts. If Belichick loses at home to the Commanders and then to the Colts, and comes home from Germany with a 2-8 record, I think there’s a chance the Krafts could make the move in the bye week and install Jerod Mayo as the interim coach for the final seven games.”

The possibility gained further credence yesterday when ESPN's Mike Reiss joined Zolak and Bertrand on 98.5 The Sports Hub to talk about what a "total reset" and life without Belichick would look like for the Pats.

Do I want Bill to get canned? No, definitely not. I've got too much loyalty for 20 years of unparalleled success that if he drives this thing into the ground, I'll be along for the ride like the band playing on the deck while the Titanic sank. Can I make an argument as to why he shouldn't be fired? No, not really, other than the resume. No other coach survives the last four years he's put forth. The Patriot Way is gone and dead. His tactics don't necessarily seem to be connecting with players and his grip on the locker room appears tenuous at best.

The logic to make a move following a potential loss to the Colts is sound. With the team entering the bye week, slap the interim tag on Jerod Mayo for the remainder of the season and see what you've got there. If it's unsatisfactory, go after the long-term fix in the offseason.

That being said, it's still tough for me to imagine a Patriots team led by anyone other than Belichick because, well, I've simply never experienced it.

At 2-7, New England is legitimately one of the worst teams in football and lack positivity. That's when changes get made in the NFL. If the Krafts have to sit through another nationally televised embarrassment this Sunday, do you think the time is right to cut ties and move on from the Belichick era?

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