It took all of five games into the season to prompt the question of, "do the Patriots need to move on from Mac Jones?"

When a team suffers its worst losses in over five decades consecutively and the QB gets benched in each contest, the first time only to be seen smiling on the sidelines then last week looking like a dejected child that didn't get picked for the team at recess, that's normally when you have to start over and address each spot on the roster, which it sounds like the Pats are doing this week.

Granted, when asked after the game on Sunday if Mac would remain the starter moving forward, Bill grunted, "yeah, there were a lot of problems out there, certainly not all his fault." Not exactly a ringing endorsement of No. 10. Then, when asked today if he expects Mac to be the starter this Sunday, OC Bill O'Brien answered, "I do."

The ice is melting underneath him, but it appears for now Mac remains the guy. Which may be because the Pats really have nowhere else to turn. For as much as Zappe Fever briefly swept across the six state region last fall, he's not the answer.

Will Grier, the No. 100 overall pick in the 2019 NFL Draft, has only seen action in two career games, both coming in '19, while Malik Cunningham remains on the practice squad. He dazzled ever-so-briefly in that first preseason game, though we haven't heard much from him since.

Of course, the team could always go out and make a move, whether via a trade or signing someone off the street, but that seems like a bit of a stretch this late into the season, when Belichick has declined to really address the position until now.

What direction do you want to see the Pats go for the rest of the season?

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