It didn't take long to wipe every "perfect" bracket from the face of the earth and took even less time to pulverize most people's selections through just the first two rounds of this year's NCAA Men's Basketball Tournament.

The madness this year has been undeniable. So far, we've seen the second-ever 16-over-1 upset as Fairleigh Dickinson knocked off Purdue last week. We've seen Princeton become the second-ever 15-seed to advance to the Sweet 16, where they'll face off against 6th seeded Creighton tonight, and last night bore witness to the 9th seeded Florida Atlantic Owls marching on to the Elite 8 with yet another upset victory, this time over Tennessee.

All told, 14 of the 52 games so far have been one by the "underdog" based on seeds. That's over 25% of the games!

Round of 64 upsets:

16. FDU def. 1. Purdue, 63-58
15. Princeton def. 2. Arizona, 59-55
13. Furman def. 4. Virginia, 68-67
11. Pittsburgh def. 6. Iowa State, 59-41
10. Penn State def. 7. Texas A&M, 76-59
9. Auburn def. 8. Iowa, 83-75
9. Florida Atlantic def. 8. Memphis, 66-65

Round of 32 upsets:

15. Princeton def. 7. Missouri, 78-63
8. Arkansas def. 1. Kansas, 72-71
7. Michigan State def. 2. Marquette, 69-60
6. Creighton def. 3. Baylor, 85-76
5. Miami def. 4. Indiana, 85-69

Sweet 16 upsets:

9. Florida Atlantic def. 4. Tennessee, 62-55
3. Gonzaga def. 2. UCLA, 79-76

Has all that been enough to blow up your bracket? Let's say for the purpose of grading the remaining shape of your bracket, if you have 6+ Elite Eight teams and 3+ Final Four remaining, you're still marching and have yet to be blown to smithereens like the rest of us.

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