It's time for our final Patriots prediction polls on the final weekday before they kickoff the 2022 season.

Yesterday, we asked how many games you think the Pats will win this season. Here are the results:

31.8 percent said the Pats would win 10 games, representing a fairly optimistic third of Pats Nation that expect them to reach double-digit wins as they did last season.

Las Vegas has the Pats over-under for wins at 8.5, and the next three choices in yesterday's poll were closer to that number than double digits. 54 percent said the Pats will win 7-9 games this year, while a little over 13 percent of the uber faithful forecast at least 11 wins for this team.

So let's focus on the most-popular choice of 10 wins, which also happens to be my prediction for New England in '22. Is a 10-7 record enough to get the Patriots into the playoffs in a loaded AFC?

Let us know where you think the Pats will finish in their division, and whether or not you believe them to be a playoff caliber team by picking how the season will come to an end.

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