Rejoice all, we have made it through the long and arduous off-season and at long last have arrived at opening day of the 2023 NFL season, cue the trumpets!

But while the Chiefs and Lions get the festivities underway tonight, which you can hear on The Ticket with coverage starting at 7:30pm and the kickoff at 8:20pm, today we turn our attention to the Patriots to see what fans are expecting from the team's offense under Bill O'Brien.

No matter what, it's got to be better than last year, right? As it should be, not only because of O'Brien, but because of some of the pieces Mac Jones has to work with. Is there superstar talent on the unit? No, but there's decent depth and players capable of making plays at every position.

Let us know how successful, or unsuccessful, you expect the Patriots offense to be in 2023, and make sure to keep scrolling! There's five polls in all.

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